Since the beginning of the GSM era in Latin America in the earlier 90s, we gave training to our staff in Venezuela using foreigners specialists and make possible to send personnel to virtually all Latin American countries for work management, training, planning, coordination, monitoring, follow up, purchases materials, engineering and implementation of Centrals (CORE) and Radio Base Stations till theirs respective commissioning and integration.
Opportunities to participate in some RBS infrastructure construction tenders as lump sum helped us to start land conditioning, road construction, equipment implementation, commissioning and integration works.
We have developed a great experience with Provider Technology implementing UVS (Urban Video Surveillance) systems, data centers and networks as requested to conform well-formed enterprise team.
To comply with quality standards required in our contracts, we have developed a strict control in our works regard establish our most valuable Company Asset: Quality Control and Assurance. Following rules and procedures specified for each work has enabled us to reach quality and control levels in line with international standards. Motivated by market diversity, as well as the maturity reached by the Telecommunications market, our firm has built road sections, installed electrical distribution (high voltage) systems, supplied and installed power plants and air conditioners systems, installed electrical hospitals systems, electrical and communication systems for residential buildings, UVS systems, Data Centers and some enterprise work by request from our customers.

Who we are?

Who we are

We are a made up a multidisciplinary specialists team headed for engineering execution, procurement, construction, repair, maintenance, management and supervision of infrastructure for companies like Nokia Core (Centrals), Huawei Data Centers, Electrical Substations, Radio Base Stations, ground and lightning protection systems to keep equipment and people safe, power systems backup, energy conditioning equipments, electrical controls, power plants (AC and DC), uninterruptible power systems, transmission lines, fire Fighting facilities, standing out from the beginning from the implementation of RBS, Base Stations Controllers and all core elements for mobile phone systems and AC/DC generators.
Since our inception we have specialized in surveys, design, procurement and implementation of centrals and radio base stations (data and cell phones). In many cases, other specialist have required our participation and support for systems review and standardizations required for radio base stations, core and enterprises systems implementations.
We have also participated in the construction, equipping and commissioning and integration of thir equipments. Actually, given the services expansion in the telecommunications area, have dabbled in urban video surveillance systems, communication networks, video, voice and data and enterprise at the request of our customers, in which we carry out projects from planning to implementation and testing equipment.



Basic and detail engineering, procurement, construction, repairs, civil works management and supervision of civil works of roads, buildings, houses, towers and; flexible and rigid pavements; road maintenance and rehabilitation: study traffic behavior vehicular and pedestrian flow, traffic lights, horizontal and vertical signage, design according to standards, demolition and pavements reconstruction, curbs, sidewalks, sewers, traffic lights and signs; electrical installations for roads, buildings, houses and towers, power plants installation and maintenance, grounding systems; mechanical works include air conditioning, tanks and combustion engines; instrumentation & Control and ancillary services; implementation of procedures manuals and software customization for organizations, implementation and monitoring of projects in which tasks are involved conversion, enlargement, repair, maintenance, decommissioning, quality control and construction.
We have the software necessary for management and monitoring and control to achieve what we do.

Work Capacity (More Experience)

More Experience

We have provided services for various IT technologies such as Huawei, Lucent, ZTE, Nokia and Ericsson for Digitel, Movistar and Movilnet CVG latter CANTV subsidiary who gave to us contracts for IT, infrastructure and civil works.
We have implemented complete WiFi networks (site surveys, system design, grounding and atmospheric protection and test drive) works for private ISP firms and radio base stations for CLARO (Operator) in Colombia.
In Panama we have established a group to capture worldwide IT opportunities that allows to us offshore contracting and software platforms implementation.
The development of convergent technologies has led our firm to start marketing activities hardware and software in the areas of wireless technologies and electricity generation. We are available to supply equipment WiFi (CPEs, Access Points, Radio frequencies 2.4 and 5.8 GHz router for bandwidth control bands, switches, antennas, etc.), as well as generators for conventional or hybrid power for telecommunications or DC applications.

Recent or ongoing works

Recent Works

Deployment of new LTE and Swap Ericsson LTE sites (Phase II) - Region Centro Llanos. ERICSSON.
Civil and electrical adaptations for the installation of new LTE nodes and LTE Swap Ericsson nodes (Phase II) - Region Centro Llanos. Digitel.


Various projects to upgrade Digitel's LTE II network in the center of the country. Includes SWAPs for new installations Ericsson technology that have required the execution of civil and electrical works for adaptation of more than 60 sites

Radio Base Stations implementations in 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation. It includes commissioning and integration of equipment.

Sites Surveys, Space Design and Services like Logistics, power (AC / DC) and ground systems infrastructure inspections, hundreds of core networks elements and thousands of Radio Base Station implementations.

Construction and implementation of radio base stations in which is included works from grounding system, road constructions, power poles for high and low voltage systems, grounding and atmospheric system protection, buildings, bases for towers, power wind plants, solar plants, expansion of transmission capacity, fiber optic supply and installation and radio base implementations.

Implementation of more than 50% of the radio base stations, ground system installations, fire and alarm systems, microwave systems (transmission), waveguides installation, antennas installation, commissioning and integration of equipment and almost 100% of the core network elements of the first GSM cellular network in Latin America. We still work in others areas like IT equipment (Radio Base Stations) and carrying out equipment’s update deployments.

Urban video surveillance systems. Core Test Implementation for Corporación Venezolana de Guayana (CVG). Radio Base (GSM, UMTS and LTE) and MW 10GB implementation in Barbados.


Implementation of several projects to increases cellular networks (from 3G to 4G), voice and data networks, enterprise and complete systems (from data centers to more than seven hundred sites in urban and Venezuelan border video surveillance systems) for a contract nationwide.

Private and governmental entities

Install several engineering and electrical systems, including high and low voltage networks, grounding systems, data systems (LANs), hospital facilities, generators, wind and solar plants, supplied microwave equipment, wireless radios, antennas, maintenance, road rehabilitation and construction, etc.




Telecomunicaciones y Sistemas de Puesta a Tierra TELESPAT, C.A.

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Telecomunicaciones y Sistemas de Puesta a Tierra TELESPAT, Ltda.

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